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Park Byoung Eon (ROK)

Park Byoung Eon (ROK)

PSA KOREA Professional Snowboarder
Born: May 27, 1981
Style: PGS, PSL, SBX

* Name and surname: PARK BYOUNG EON
* Age: 37
* Nationality: KOREA
* Never travel without: 
* Favourite spot in the world: DENMARK
* On my iPod (music): HIP HOP
* Inspired by: 
* Worst Crash: 2007 final
* Favourite Meal: PIZZA
* 1 piece of advise to other: always be careful
* Goal in sport?: enjoy long run
* I want to travel to: USA 
* I like to wear: NIKE
* Board: NOBILE 163 / 183


2016-01 PSA KOREA PRO TOUR YONG-PYEONG Cup 3rd place

2014-03 High1 ASCALON Cup 1st place
2013-02 PHOENIX PYEONG-CHANG Cup Board X  1st place

2012-01 PSA KOREA TOUR 2nd place
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